Friday, March 11, 2011

Reshaping it All - Day 11

Reshaping it All - Day 11

We're finishing up chapter three, and tomorrow we're on to chapter four!! I'm excited because I know that we already have 10 days behind us, and since they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit--we're half way there!!

Speaking of habits, I've been trying to change both how much I eat, and what I eat. I have lost weight in the past by using portion control, but this time I want more. I've come to realize that feeling good is every bit as important as looking good. My body is a gift from the Lord. It's mine to nurture and care for until I take my last breath, and in doing so I want more than a small waistline--I want to reflect Christ by the moderate life that I lead.

But I'm not out of the woods yet. I'm still craving some of those junk foods that I've let slip over the past few years, and I'm still trying to get a grasp on portion control. It's easy when the food is ho-hum, but when I'm eating something absolutely delicious I struggle to put my fork down!

In "11 Smart Ideas for Weight Loss," Rhonda Hilario-Caguiat of writes, "It takes 20 minutes for your brain to register that your stomach is filling up, so a feeding frenzy is a sure way to overstuff yourself. Slow down and savor your food."

Agreed! And that's the same message that Candace is giving us at the end of chapter three when she offers 5 practical tips for slowing down and enjoying your dining experience.

While reviewing these again, I realized that I need to practice a few of them more often!

Here they are in a nutshell:
  1. Eye your food first. Decide on a smaller portion and stay with your choice.
  2. Use smaller plates, so you feel like you're having larger portions.
  3. Drink water with your meal to help slow you down.
  4. Relax and engage in conversation while eating.
  5. Chew your food slowly so that you can savor the flavor and give your food time to digest.

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  1. "I want to reflect Christ by the moderate life that I lead." This statement that you made is SO true and really hit me today. It's going to become my 'reminder' statement before each meal:) Thank YOU!

  2. A friend brought cupcakes today for her birthday. I have been walking by them all day, but have not taken one. I don't need it nor will it be good for my body.
    I am really listening to my body and stopping when I am satisfied. I love this is totally motivating me!

  3. not sure if this is the place to post for the free amazon gift card.

    I have lost 6 lbs this week. Been on a 800-1000 calorie diet (dr. orders.) It has been hard to give up sugar. :)

    Angela kienzle

  4. Loved reading the book. Learning to stop eating when I feel full.

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