Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reshaping it All - Day 10

Reshaping it All - Day 10

Guest writer, Courtney from Women Living Well

Discipline is Key!

In Chapter 3 (pg. 32), it says “I’ll hang onto the back of your bike for a while, but soon you’ll be riding alone. There is a place of freedom, when the trying just becomes living. It becomes smooth sailing from that moment on, when you finally have wings to soar.”

For me, this is what "65 Days to Reshaping It All" is all about. I feel like this website is holding the back of my bike while I practice doing the right things. And when the 65 days are up--I am praying that we all soar! That our trying will become living!

For many of us it’s about so much more than the food--it’s about practicing daily habits and discipline. It’s the “daily” part that gets me every time! I can do it for 3 or 4 days, but then my bike tips and falls and I get a scrape. Getting back on the bike again takes courage... remembering how I fell last time makes me question if it’s worth it. And for some of you--you have courageously gotten back on the bike! I am so proud of you!

We are in this together – and as Candace and Darlene lay out clearly in their book, Reshaping it All, we are not alone. God is with us!

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  1. I can't tell you how much I LOVE this video. Thank you. So inspiring!!

  2. Thanks Darlene ;) We are on this journey together! Keep pressing on!!!

  3. Thank you, Courtney... I am reading the book at night so this is exactly what I needed to hear this morning! hour by hour today!

  4. Great video Courtney! I just started Reshaping It All yesterday and loving it!