Monday, April 18, 2011

Reshaping it All - Day 49

Reshaping it All - Day 49

In chapter fourteen Candace teaches us the art of dining out. Why? Because parties, barbecues, family gatherings, special holidays, church potlucks, business luncheons, and restaurant outings happen--often.

The thing is, that those of us who struggle with appetite control will use these occasions as another excuse to over indulge instead of living moderately and making wise choices that improve our health.

Candace writes,
Eating well shouldn't stop when you leave the house. In fact restaurants offer us the perfect opportunity to make a good choice. We are so used to pampering our passion instead of looking at food as fuel that we make the wrong choice time and again. If we start training ourselves to be content with the food we require, whether that food is a salad or a steak, we begin to grow into healthy, mature eaters. (Reshaping it All, page 174)
With summer upon us many of you will be taking family vacations in which you find yourself eating out more often than you usually do. This is a chance to practice making wise choices, instead of going the route you normally would.

Those who do choose healthy alternatives are the first ones to tell you that they have come to enjoy the taste, and I trust you will too!


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  1. Pick me? haha ;)

  2. Candace is such a great inspiration - wife, mother, actress, author, the list goes on!!! She's such a positive role model for so many - just love her!!!

  3. I love that you and Candance talk about wise choices not only being what you eat, but portion size. Also, not to deprive yourself of a treat if you really want it. I know if I just keep thinking about something, I'll wind up eating a bunch of other stuff until I finally give in to what I really wanted. If I would have just had a little of what I really wanted, I wouldn't have been in such a sorry place. I have so learned that lesson.