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Reshaping it All - Day 44

Reshaping it All - Day 44

Posted by Darlene Schacht, co-author of Reshaping it All

There are those times when we meet failure, that we must ask ourselves if we’re on the right path. Is my eating plan the right one for me? Is it possible that I’m already too thin? Have I taken the time to nourish my spirit, body and soul? If you’re on the right track then press on regardless of how it might “feel” at the present time.

Let’s get technical…

As much as we’d like to change this fact, our bodies have built in calculators that keep track of every calorie in and ever calorie out—adding and subtracting as our days move along.

Here are the facts: The “average” woman burns approximately 1700 calories/day while doing average activities. And there are 3,500 calories in one pound of fat. So, if you are one of these “average” women who hasn’t increased her physical activities, but is eating 1800 calories/day, then you’re likely to find yourself gaining one pound every 35 days.

See the math there? 100 calories over daily maximum x 35 days = 3,500 (one pound of fat). In the year, you’ve gained about 10 pounds. Unfortunately it’s those small things that add up. Even if you reduce that to the point where you are gaining only one pound per year–perhaps it’s that extra muffin each morning–you’ll still find yourself 10 pounds heavier/decade, which we often see.

I was 103 pounds when I got married–but keep in mind that I’m only 5’2”. Much of the reason I was light is because I drove my ten-speed bike everywhere that I went. Once my husband started doing the driving, the ten-speed and I saw less and less of each other, and I began to see more and more of myself! As I began to cook for my family and I, my appetite also increased, which became excessive for my size. I used to eat 12 tacos for dinner, whereas now I have two at the max. For lunch I’d eat a 12” sub with extra cheese and bacon, grab a bag of chips to go with it, and a cookie for dessert. I washed that down with a large Coke. Within the first ten years of marriage I gained almost 50 pounds. If I had stayed on that path, I would have continued to gain at an exessive rate. Not a pretty picture.

The good news is that the same rings true for the opposite—the small things add up! Let’s consider 100 calories… Eliminate 100 calories from your daily intake and you will see a difference of 10 pounds/year. Now accelerate that–cut a large take out hamburger in half and you have 25 pounds/year—a blueberry muffin another 25 pounds. Prepare a healthy alternative at home and you're way ahead! Add in a few extra activities here and there, such as walking to the store, taking the stairs, or painting a room, and you’ve subtracted a few more calories from your bank. Every little bit is counting.

I’ve gotten into the habit of eating smaller portions and choosing healthier options whenever I can. We went out of town this weekend and stopped at a gas station for a snack. While my sister and her husband were buying their stuff in the gas bar, I slipped over to the adjacent restaurant where I ordered take-out watermelon and an orange. It was unique, and far better than a bag of salty chips.

The only difference between a drop of rain and an ocean is repetition and time.

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  1. Darlene

    I love that quote "The only difference between a drop of rain and the ocean is repetition and time". Methinks that one should go up on the fridge today! thank you!

  2. What a great post Darlene! I've seen this very thing transforming my body the past few months as I've cut calories and increased activity. I'm half-way to my goal now which is exciting me beyond belief, but more importantly than how I look, is how I feel - no more sore back and the "high" that comes from the sore muscles of a workout are SO worth it!

  3. I haven't been checking the blog regularly, but I just realized that I won the Family Reading Bible! Woohoo! Is there someone I need to contact to let them know my address? Thanks!

  4. Yes, mamama, so glad that you saw the note! I just mentioned to Courtney the other day that I hadn't heard back from you yet. Please email me at darlene@darleneschacht(dot)net and give me your mailing address. Thank you!