Monday, March 7, 2011

Reshaping it All - Day 7

Reshaping it All ~ Day 7

So, ladies--we're just starting to exercise our resistance muscles and I'm hearing some of you say, "This is tough, but I'm doing it."

Yay!!!! You go, girl!!! Keep on working that muscle of self control, because the more we work it, the stronger it gets!

In chapter 2, Candace offers us six ways to strengthen our resistance muscle. Here they are:
  • Passing on the junk food aisle in the grocery store.
  • Making a healthy choice when eating out.
  • Passing on the goodies at group meetings.
  • Taking one trip to a buffet instead of two or more.
  • Eating until you're satisfied rather than stuffed.
  • Limiting treats to once or twice a week rather than daily.
That should keep us going. Right ladies?

Next time you have the urge to pig out, flip open the book and glean motivation, but don't give up on strength training--press on!


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  1. How exciting to re-read these tips and realize I'm on the right track. Just today I was able to bypass all the junk in the grocery aisles... chose to take a few animal crackers, grapes and almonds to the movies instead of getting popcorn like I used to do... went out to eat at our fav restaurant and ordered spinach salad and small serving of pizza (I know it's not great but better than the 3 pieces I used to eat)... and this morning at a meeting I resisted eating anything until it got well past noon and then I had only one small half of a piece of banana bread.

    I'm still a carb queen... but I'm at least conscious of what I'm eating so I guess that's a start.

    How does one eat "healthier" when there isn't a lot of veggies or "different" foods they like? That is my big hurdle to get over!

  2. Sue about your closing q...Do you like to drink juices? In case you like it you can juice all veggies and fruits and make great drinks and mixes of them......
    I hate to eat ( steamed)veggies love them mostly stirr fried... and fruits but love to drink them......
    An idea suc6 and have an great weekend