Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reshaping it All - Day 23

Goals are looming mountains that beckon us to overcome them. We have one goal in mind, which Paul refers to as the "mark for the prize of the high calling," and every step we take in faith brings us one step closer to that goal.

Then there are the smaller goals in life that we pursue like better health, which we talk about in Reshaping it All. That's important as well, but I'm hoping that your journey through Reshaping it All is in line with that final goal so that our lives may glorify God.

How sad it is for those who give up, turn around and climb back down the mountain, because the cost is too high. They'll never experience the reward that those who persevere will once they reach the top. The rich young ruler in Luke 18 is a prime example of that. He was interested in following Christ, but the minute that he was asked to give up something he loved, the Bible tells us that he walked away sorrowful.

In chapter seven Candace offers us four keys that unlock our freedom and empower us to reach our goals:
  1. Willpower
  2. Belief
  3. Decision
  4. Action
Having a desire to live well is one thing, but acting on that desire by living a sacrificial life makes all the difference in winning the race.

There’s a movie starring James Franco that came out on DVD this year called “127 Hours.” Aron Ralston, an experienced twenty-seven-year-old outdoorsman, was on a day’s solitary hike through a remote and narrow Utah canyon when he dislodged an eight-hundred- pound boulder that crushed his right hand and wrist against the canyon wall.

Emerging from the searing pain, Aron found himself completely stuck. No one knew where he was; no one was coming to rescue him. With scant water and food, and a cheap pocketknife his only tool, he eliminated his options one by one. On the fifth night, wracked by delirium and uncontrollable shivers, Aron scratched his epitaph into the rock wall, certain he would not see daylight. (Description from Amazon)

Like the rich young ruler, Aron started out with a will to live, but it wasn’t until the sixth day that he made a life changing decision and puts his will into action, thus gaining his life.
And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.
~ Matthew 5:30, KJV
Where are you on your journey to reshape it all? Are you toying with the idea of making a change, or are you willing to make a decision that puts that will into action?

We're on day 23, so that means that you have 42 days left to join in our challenge. That's plenty of time to start new habits and put them into practice. Why not join us today?

~ Darlene Schacht, Co-author of Reshaping it All


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