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Reshaping it All - Day 20

Reshaping it All - Day 20!

On to day 20, which means that we are one day short of three weeks. I'm starting to see incredible results already, and I hope you are too. But while many of us are excited about seeing a bit of weight some off, I want to remind us of something Candace wrote in chapter 6, page 66:
Clothes, makeup, hair, weight, and wardrobe--let's keep it all in perspective. It's fun to look pretty and to feel good while doing it, but I often remind myself that this outer shell is simply an envelope for my spirit. The contenst are precious, eternal, and costly, bought with a price, and the envelope has been fashioned by the world's greatest Designer, the Creator Himself. We are each God's one-of-a-kind design, and there isn't a single person in this world that's a match.
~ Candace Cameron Bure, Reshaping it All, page 66.
Speaking of one-of-a-kind designs, I'd love to introduce you to Clara. Clara is a follower of Jesus, a pastor's wife, and a mommy who is devoted to an ever-changing blueprint and determined to be healthy.

Her determination and encouragement is inspiring!


Guest Writer - Clara from "Changing My Blueprint."

So this past week I have sort of lost my mojo. "What???" you exclaim. How is this possible?

I'll tell you how. LIFE! LACK OF PLANNING! LACK OF CONFIDENCE! LACK OF MOJO! {yes, I'm yelling, but in a 'frustrated at myself' way, not at you, ok? ok}

And it is incredible to me that even 20 months and almost 90 pounds lost into my journey to better health I struggle just like anyone else. It's not at all that I think I'm above it. I've pondered this for awhile this week. And thinking through this really taught me something.

There is no end to this race. There really isn't a finish line. I mean, there are major celebrations along the way. Like the first 20 pounds...then 50 pounds down, then reaching Onederland once again...but even when I hit 100 pounds down {soon, ahem} I still won't have "arrived."

Even when I hit my goal weight of 160 (exactly 37 pounds from here) I still will not have "arrived."

And I am learning to be OK with that.

Because I didn't become the girl in the purple shirt overnight. {see my before picture below} And it was continuous unhealthy behavior that got me there.

So the only thing that will KEEP me from ever being that girl again is continuous healthy behavior.

Wow, I kill me with all of this logic.

But why is it so hard, when really it sounds so simple? Chew on that calorie-free logic.

I, we, everyone - we must stop over-complicating healthy choices. At the end of the day it is about making the best choices to achieve your goals.

If you are at a red light and turning left will get you to your destination about 2 miles sooner, why in the world do you turn right?

When shopping for a specific recipe, would you purposely choose the wrong ingredient?

If you need a black sweater for your teal glitter dress, what would possess you to purchase a bright orange and purple polka-dotted one?

My point in this rant is to show you, and remind ME that it is all about making the choices that will lead you to your goals, every day. It is the every day small choices that make huge changes in your health in the long run.

The choice to exercise. The choice to eat healthy most of the time. The choice to NOT get seconds at the church dinner. The choice to drink water. The choice to get enough sleep.

Plain and SIMPLE.

Now I'm off to do my food reporting on SparkPeople for the day to see what I have left for dinner. And I'm going to make the choices that will allow me to finish in range. Then I'm going to be sure my menu plan and lunch plan is ready for the week. And then I'm going to document the exercise/calories I plan to burn each day in my phone with annoying reminders. Mapping it all out.

And I'm going to make the best choices I can this week.

The ones that will lead me TO my goal and not AWAY from it.

Because that girl in the purple shirt, left side of this picture, was not happy with herself. She became physically nauseated when she saw this picture for the first time. As you can see I've changed a great deal on the outside...but I've also changed on the inside too. I never want to be her again. And I don't plan to.

Who's with me?

Visit Clara at her website: Changing My Blueprint


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