Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm a Guest Blogging at.....

Today you can find me at www.TheBetterMom.com

Hope you enjoy the post over there!


  1. You would be such a great Sunday School teacher/ Youth Director. I had a youth director that changed my life, and right now you are helping to change other peoples lives just by putting up a daily blog. Thank you so much for the time you put in to share your experiences, not many people are brave enough to admit flaws and give it all up to the LORD!! You're an inspiration to me and to many others.
    God Bless <3
    -Val K

  2. Wow! Great post! Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability. I think a lot of people can relate to that. Some things just have to remain a priority. It's so easy to change as our kids get older, but no matter how old they get we still have to guide them so that they are capable of doing it for their own kids.
    Do you have any suggestions/plans on how you are going to bring this back to the forefront? My kids are just now old enough to start having discussions with...and I can always read them more Bible stories! Thanks again for sharing. I am learning so much about myself because of the thoughts you share that I can reflect on in my life.

  3. Hello There,
    I just wanted to see if you were currently interested in additional guest bloggers for your blog site.
    I see that you've accepted some guest posters in the past - are there any specific guidelines you need me to follow while making submissions?
    If you're open to submissions, whom would I need to send them to?
    I'm eager to send some contributions to your blog and think that I can cover some interesting topics.
    Thanks for your time,

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