Monday, April 25, 2011

Reshaping it All - Day 56

Reshaping it All - Day 56

A pinch of practicality from Reshaping it All, with an exercise in patience:

Patience comes with patience. In other words, the more you exercise it, the more you obtain. We definitely weren't born patient; in fact most of us came out kicking and screaming. But with guidance and--here's that word again--patience from our parents, we learn to wait, to tolerate, and to accept certain things--many things.

Mindfully tolerate the small things in life by biting your lip when need be, smiling under pressure, and forgiving other's imperfections. Try to exercise more of these moments throughout the day.

Place 100 pennies in a cup on the counter. Each time you exercise patience throughout the day, move one penny from the full cup to the empty cup. The goal is to eventually move all of the pennies from one cup to the other. This exercise represents the giving of ourselves to others, as Christ has freely given to us.

Reshaping it All, page 197-198


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  1. Patience, something I could use for sure. With 3 kids I definitely get to practice it daily. With trying to lose it wait I have learned you have to be patient to see the change, it doesn't happen overnite.

  2. I love this book and web site. Both of them has been an inspiration to me. I have lost 8 pounds even though I have had to take steroids due to an optic nerve problem. I love using scripture in my daily life to keep me focused, with food, family or life. Thanks for being a blessing.
    Blessing, KarenHL

  3. love this site, I as many others grew up watching her! She blesses me!

  4. Patience and exercise...two things I need to work on in my life.

    Dawn T.

  5. I would love to win! I already have a copy of this book, but I would love to give one away on my blog!


  6. Yep!!Great idea with the pennies......I'm still inspired by the book and the website to make healty choices for myself and the family...
    We had an great week...Love the give away...